Rideet TPMS User Guide

Last update: March 8th, 2023


Thank you for chosing Rideet TPMS, the universal tyre pressure monitoring system!
In order to start enjoying your Rideet TPMS, please follow the installation instructions. You'll be ready to ride in a few minutes!

Install the Rideet app

The first step to enjoy your Rideet TPMS is to download the Rideet app on your smartphone. You can download the Rideet app from the app store of your smartphone, or in the Downloads section of this Support:


Create a Rideet account

When the download is completed, open the App and follow the procedure to create a Rideet account or login with your existing account.

New account - Step 1
New account - Step 2
New account - Step 3

Add your bikes

Once you create you account and login successfully, you will access the app Dashboard.
The first thing you'll want to do is to add your bike in the app (or bikes, if you have more than one!).
To add your bike, open the Garage by swiping right while in the Dashboard or pressing the icon at the top left.
In the Garage, press the + in the top right of the drawer to add the first bike and fill with the required bike info.

New bike - Step 1

Press the +

New bike - Step 2

Add a new bike

New bike - Step 3

Fill and confirm

The Rideet app is designed to manage multiple bikes at once, all in one place: you can switch between them in the My Garage drawer with ease. Access the My Garage drawer by swiping right while in the Dashboard or pressing the icon at the top left.
Any Rideet product synced with your account will send their data to your cloud, so you will have all your bikes under control with a single login.

Rideet products perform their activities also when the bike where it is installed is not selected in the app.

Changing active bike in My Garage will only change data visualization related to that specific bike.
Data not related to a specific bike will always be consistent across your bikes.

Manage your bikes

In the My Garage drawer you will find one card for each one of your bikes. You can swipe right on a bike to show the Select button (to set the bike as Active, showing the data from the products installed on it in the whole app) and the Delete button.


Your bike info

You can access the bike info page by tapping on the bike card in the My Garage drawer: from there you can see info about the bike and about all the Rideet products installed (with the option to delete them), plus the option to change the picture and the selection of the bike icon.

screenshot Rideet One
screenshot Garage position
screenshot Rideet TPMS
screenshot Bike info
screenshot Deadlines
screenshot Bike type

Install your Rideet TPMS

Now that your bike is added to your account, you can go ahead and register your Rideet TPMS.

Get a new product

If you don't have a Rideet TPMS or a Rideet One, you can purchase it directly from the app it will shipped in 24/48h max. Just follow the indications in the Dashboard and complete your purchase!

Follow the link
Finalize your purchase
Receive your product!

Register your Rideet TPMS

Open the Garage and press the + in the top right of the drawer. Select the bike where you want to install your Rideet TPMS, then select "Rideet TPMS" and follow the instructions.

Step 1

Select the bike

Step 2

Select Rideet TPMS

Step 3

Scan the QR

Step 4

Fill with info
and confirm

Please note!

You can also manually insert your Serial Numbers.
Rideet TPMS serial can be found printed in the top side of the product.

Install on your wheels

Once the registration process is completed, install your Rideet TPMS on your tyres.
Follow the next steps to install the sensors on the tyres:

1. Screw the nut
Screw the nut at the bottom
of the valve core

2. Screw the sensor
Screw the
sensor tightly

3. Tighten
Tighten the nut anticlockwise
with the wrench


Did you know?

You can also activate and install a single sensor instead of the pair.

Please note!

Rideet TPMS could not work properly in case of use of gas-filled puncture sealant.

Please note!

Rideet TPMS performs short range wireless data trasmission. In case of special environmental conditions, wrong activation, wrong installation or other special reasons, the wireless transmission could not be performed correctly due to wireless interference.

Please note!

Be sure that the valve is at least 7-8mm long in order to ensure that Rideet TPMS can be properly screwed on.

Enjoy your Rideet TPMS

Once the installation is completed, you can start navigating through the app and enjoying your Rideet TPMS.
To learn more about how to use your Rideet One, please continue reading this User Guide.

How does Rideet TPMS work

Rideet Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (Rideet TPMS) will monitor the pressure and temperature of your tyres and show the measures in the Rideet app. If any unwanted change occurs on the tires pressure or temperature while riding, the sensor will promptly send an alert to the Rideet app to notify you.

Rideet TPMS will send the measures in the following instances:

  • Within one minute after the sensor battery is installed.
  • When riding speed is over 5km/h for 15s, then every approx. 5 minutes until the bike stops.
  • When, while riding or while parked, the tyre pressure changes instantaneously of a significant amount (0.1 Bar in few minutes).
In every other situation, Rideet TPMS will enter sleep state to save its battery.
When Rideet TPMS is in sleep state, it won’t send any data.

Did you know?

You can simulate a pressure drop by unscrewing and screwing again the sensor on the tyre valve, in order to get an instant measure before riding.

Technical Specifications

  • Working voltage: 2.4V - 3.3V
  • Sleeping current: less than 3.0uA
  • Storage temp.: -40°C - 85°C
  • Working temp.: -40°C - 85°C
  • Working humidity: 95% (MAX)
  • Working frequency: 2.4Ghz
  • Monitoring range of pressure:
    0 - 6.4 Bar
  • Monitoring range of temperature:
    -40°C - 85°C
  • Battery spec.: CR1632
  • Service life of battery: 2 years
  • Weight: 8.8g (10g with battery)
Rideet TPMS

The retail package includes:

  • 2x Nut
  • 2x Bottom cover
  • 2x Battery
  • 2x Sensor
  • 1x Wrench

With a smartphone

  • When you have your smartphone with you, and Rideet TPMS is measuring the pressure, you will receive the measures directly in the app.
  • If no significant drop is happening, or if the measure is within your defined range (set it in Settings > Rideet TPMS), no notifications will be sent - but the updated value will still be shown in the TPMS card in the app.
  • If, instead, a significant drop is occurring or if the measure is outside your defined range of accepted values, you will receive a notification alert.

Please note!

If you don't own a Rideet One, your smartphone must be in proximity of the TPMS during the measures.

Rideet app must be:

  • open and with screen on,

  • or

  • open in background, but you must grant it permission to work in background in your smartphone settings. It's also required to grant Rideet app permission to access your position while in background (setting: Always). Unfortunately this is a system requirement needed to get the measures directly from the sensors. No position will ever be saved, neither locally nor in the cloud.

With a Rideet One

  • If you own a Rideet One, in addition to the data sent to the smartphone your Rideet One will receive every measure sent by Rideet TPMS while riding and it will automatically send it to the cloud.
  • Once the data is on the cloud, you will receive it directly in your Rideet app.
  • Rideet One will receive and send:
    • measures sent by Rideet TPMS while you are riding.
    • notifications sent by Rideet TPMS when a significant drop occurs, when the bike is parked (it could take up to 25 minutes) or while riding (instantly)

Did you know?

Even if you have a Rideet One installed, you are still able to receive notifications directly on your smartphone.

Replacing the internal battery

To replace the Rideet TPMS internal CR1632 battery follow this procedure:

(1) Screw
screenshot Screw the nut clockwise to separate it from the sensor by wrench and then screw out the sensor by hand
(2) Remove
screenshot Remove the bottom cover and disassemble the case of the sensor by wrench
(3) Remove (alt.)
screenshot Or disassemble the case of the sensor by the bottom cover if the wrench is lost
(4) Replace
screenshot Remove the old battery and install a new one (positive pole upward), then reinstall the sensor according to the installation steps

Using the Rideet app

The Rideet app is the central hub where you can control your Rideet products.

When you login, your Cloud account data will be synced with your smartphone.


Dashboard is the main page of the Rideet app.
You can swipe down to access two cards carousels and all the maintenance info.
In detail, it shows:

  • Bike picture
  • Bike manufacturer and model
  • Notifications

  • Swiping down in the Dashboard, you will find:
  • Rideet TPMS card
  • My motorcycle status carousel

Notifications tab

The Notifications page shows past notifications received by the account.
When you have a Rideet One and you can perform an action related to a notification, such as identifying a Theft, the actions will appear on the notification itself. Swipe left to dismiss a notification.
Notifications (Theft, movement, battery alerts, etc.) from all the Rideet products associated with the account are displayed in this page.

Notifications tab

Rideet TPMS

Tapping on the Rideet TPMS card in the My Motorcycle Status carousel gives access to the Rideet TPMS page.
It gives a more detailed insight of the measures from the Rideet TPMS installed on the bike, including tyre temperature.
A shortcut to the Rideet TPMS settings is in the top-right corner.

Rideet TPMS page

My motorcycle status

Please note!

This carousel is only unlocked when a Rideet One is installed on your bike.

The "My motorcycle status" carousel gives info about the status of your bike.
Swipe the cards to check Rideet TPMS, Battery info and Next Services cards.

Rideet TPMS
Battery info
Next services

My motorcycle in details

Please note!

This carousel is only unlocked when a Rideet One is installed on your bike.

Reach the "My motorcycle in details" section scrolling down in the Dashboard.
This page shows:

  • Technical manual
    Tap here to see the Technical data of your bike
    (if available for the bike model).
  • Maintenance services
    (if available for the bike model).
  • Maintenance schedules
    Tap on the service to check due activities list.
    Tap on the Check button to set the Service as Done.


Please note!

This tab is only unlocked when a Rideet One is installed on your bike.

Security tab shows the bike last known position on a map and the address corrisponding to those coordinates.
The position updates everytime the Security tab is opened, but it can be manually refreshed by pressing the dedicated button.

  • Current position address
  • Time of last position
  • Navigate with Maps
  • Center the marker on the map
  • Position marker on the map
  • List of Unauthorized movements
  • Add a Geo-Fence

My performances

Please note!

This tab is only unlocked when a Rideet One is installed on your bike.

The Performance & Trips tab shows the "My performance" carousel.
This carousel has three cards: All time Performance, Last Trips performances and Drag mode.

All time performance
Last trips performance
Drag mode

My trips

Please note!

This tab is only unlocked when a Rideet One is installed on your bike.

The Performance & Trips tab shows the "My trips" carousel.
You can swipe between the last three trips or select the "Show all trips" card to access the Trips page.

  • Trip list
    Tap on a trip for more details.
  • Edit menu
    Swipe left to edit trip title, delete, export data, merge or split trips.


Access the Settings from the "My Garage" drawer.

User Account

This tab shows the active account details.

  • Picture
    Tap to select a new account picture.
  • Account details
  • User stats
  • Logout

User profile

Rideet TPMS

In the Rideet TPMS settings you can choose the measuring unit between Bar, psi, kPa and Kg/cm2. Moreover, you can choose your minimum and maximum Thresholds of pressure and temperature for each tyre where a Rideet TPMS is installed.
In case of measures out of the desired range you will receive an alert notification (if the app is open in background and you are near the motorcycle, or if you have a Rideet One synced with your account).
You can also choose the Notification sound between Default or Alarm.

Rideet TPMS settings

App Settings and Info

  • App version
  • App changelog
  • Copyright and licenses
  • Terms and conditions
  • Privacy Policy


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