Last update: July 14th, 2021


What is Rideet One?

Rideet One is the first universal smart assistant for motorcycles: a device that you install in your bike and manage through the official app on your smartphone, that assists you in the most important areas - except riding, that will always be up to you!

How is Rideet One different from any antitheft?

Rideet One integrates advanced satellite antitheft features, but it's much more: in addition to bike security it delivers performance measuring, assistance in case of accidents, maintenance support, automatic trips management, and much more!

What does Rideet One offer to a biker?

Rideet One offers many features in the following areas: performance, bike security, rider safety, maintenance support and trips management. Discover more here or check the User Guide.

Is it compatible with my bike? Updated

Yes, Rideet One is universally compatible with any bike with a 12V electric system.

What will I receive with my purchase?

With your purchase you will get:
  • 1x Rideet One to be installed into your bike
  • 1x Rideet Key to keep in your keychain
  • 1x T-tap (optional, for installation)
  • 2x Zip ties

Where can I buy a Rideet One? New

You can buy your Rideet One on our website with ease. Register a customer account, add the product to your chart and go through the purchase process. We are working with important distributors to enter in your preferred stores: check this page again in few weeks for news.

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How do I install Rideet One?

Rideet installation is really simple. Follow the instructions in the Installation page.

Do I need to connect Rideet One to the ECU of my bike?

No! Rideet is the only device that embeds all the sensors and antennas to gather all the data you need.
It just needs 12V supply, from the battery or from any 12V cable using the included T-Tap.

Can I move Rideet One in my new bike?

Sure! You just have to delete the old bike so that Rideet One will be restored to factory settings. Check the User Guide for instructions. Remember that in this way you will lose data related to your old bike. Your subscription is tied to the Rideet One, not to the bike, so after the new installation you'll see the same expire date of the previous one.

Can I use Rideet One on more than one bike?

Rideet One is designed to be installed and configured on a single bike at a time.
This means that, for multiple motorcycles, you need multiple Rideet One, one for each bike.
The Rideet app allows you to manage all you bikes in one place: switch between them in the Garage page with ease.
Any Rideet One synced with your account will send their data to you, so you are able to keep your bikes under control with a single login.


How do I activate my Rideet One? New

Follow the instructions in the Installation page to activate your Rideet One.


Can I use Rideet One when I'm away from my bike?

Sure! The Rideet One in your bike is always connected to the cloud, so on your smartphone you will always find the most updated data, wherever you are.

Will Rideet One discharge my motorcycle battery?

Absolutely not. This is a critical point of all of us riders, and we know how important is to keep idle power consumption as low as possible.
Rideet One idle power consumption is less than 5 mA, so it will take months of idle to discharg a standard bike battery.

Is Rideet One compatible with Alexa?

Yes! To use Alexa, download the skill Rideet from the Skill section in the Alexa app.
You can find an introduction to Alexa compatibility here in the User Guide.

Can I use Rideet One with Google Assistant?

We are currently implementing Google Assistant in Rideet. It will be available soon.

Is the Rideet app needed to properly use Rideet One?

Yes. The Rideet app is used for activation and to receive any notification from the Rideet One (except Accidents Recongnition System SMS, in case of accidents).

Do I need to bring my smartphone with me when I ride?

No! Rideet One is completely independent. It has network connection and satellite positioning system, and any data it gets is automatically synced to your cloud account. This means that you can go out for a ride, get back home and see your ride on your smartphone right after you park; but also that accidents recognition system is always active in the infortunate case of an accident when your smartphone is not with you.

Still no Rideet One on your bike?

Rideet One is the first assistant for your bike.

Get the bike smart assistant designed by riders for riders.
Level up your bike management.
Enjoy every single turn on your route.
Upgrade your bike to a smart bike!

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